prêt à porter - a vend'art project

prêt à porter by various artists

In July 2019 we started a playful project named prêt à porter to create a highly accessible platform for art purchasers, artwork, artists and exhibitors.

artists create artwork in a small standard frame provided by vend'art. They are totally free to create, only limit is size. Instead of signing their artwork, they fill out a certificate form.
vend'art exhibits the artwork anonymous and do not disclose authorship or further information without purchase.
purchasers choose between two fixed prizes. An artwork with certificate is slightly more expensive than one created by an anonymous artist. The difference in final prize will be full part of artist's revenue.

The project was also presented  at

c.a.r. contemporary art ruhr

25.-27.10.2019 - Zollverein Essen (D)